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COMMENT: How Britain and the US decided to abandon Srebrenica to its fate

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A casual reader of Guardian’s Europe section might wonder: why Srebrenica? Why now? What – aside from the obvious anniversary, which came and passed so many times before rather uneventfully – is triggering a flurry of unexpected interest in the historical event, and from the political quarters that haven’t exactly stretched themselves thin over the sorry fate of massacred Moslems elsewhere (Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Gaza come to mind). The Cameron government hasn’t exact tied itself into paroxysms of unbearable grief over the refugees from the Libyan or Syrian civil wars. In fact, the British government suggested bombing the refugee boats or returning the refugees to their certain deaths. So, what gives? Why a sudden and entirely unexpected outburst of official London’s great humanism and compassion for Bosnian Moslems killed 20 years ago? A sudden road-to-Damascus moment? Highly unlikely.

For nearly ten years, the British government has kept the ICTY’s Srebrenica ruling as a "wild card" in its European schemes and planned to activate the genocide ace up its sleeve at an opportune time. The time, Westminster believes, is now.
Why now, one might ask?

Here’s why: the Tory government is hopelessly, almost tragically, stuck up the Great National **** Creek. Their "special relationists" across the pond have all but told them to drop dead, the German government is more hostile now than it was in 1940; Scotland has all but seceded (with or without devolution), the Pope is now dictating Prince Charles’ environmental narrative (thank you, Pope!), the country is in economic shambles (fake government statistics of alleged economic "bounce" notwithstanding), the Greek fiasco threatens to unravel the entire British banking Ponzi scheme, the Russian strategic bombers are circling the Buckingham Palace, and Her Majesty is complaining that the painting she received from the German president is the wrong color, hue and shade.

While all this brilliant national governance is going on, Channel Tunnel is getting clogged with refugees, strikers and arson, Islamic hate-preachers and murder-peddlers are praising the global murder and mayhem from the Speaker’s Corner, thousands of British schoolchildren are joining ISIS, British soldiers are getting decapitated left and right, English tourists are being slaughtered like lambs and Prince Charles is too busy lobbying the Saudi Court to buy more British weapons with which to kill Yemenis

So, what’s all this have to do with Srebrenica, you might ask? Here’s what:
Official London was utterly inconsolable when Germany was reunited, and attempted to prevent the German reunification with all its might (not that the reunited Germany was much of a role model). Having failed, the official London – at first Margaret Thatcher, and then the whole Tory/Blairite zoo that followed – tried a different tactic: if we can’t control Europe, we will deliver the scorched and bloodied continent to the Germans.

And thus the Yugoslavian – later Bosnian – civil war was born. And Ukraine. And Greece.

The two parties shared the common goal in the beginning: the Germans wanted to carve Croatia into its zone of influence (the plan worked), while the MI-6 wanted to sow the toxic seeds of ethnic war next door in Bosnia, which would prevent Germany (and, by extension, EU) from spreading farther east. Lovely synergy it was. 20 years later, the two former allies are poles apart and at close to the open hostilities.

Serbs, Moslems and Croats in Bosnia have licked their wounds and succeeded in minimally mending their fences. Bosnia – however dysfunctional – now lives in peace. The 2014 flooding across the Balkans revealed a deep pool of solidarity and empathy all Slavic peoples in former Yugoslavia still feel for each other and pointed the way to the future coexistence.

This – alas – is the worst-case scenario for Westminster. The outbreak of peace in the Balkans must be prevented at any cost (as it was prevented in 1993, when American ambassador in Yugoslavia promised Moslems the rivers of milk and honey in exchange for choosing war over peace, which they dutifully obliged), and ethnic tensions must be re-exacerbated to the max, ideally resulting in the resumption of ethnic carnage in Bosnia. What’s bad for EU is good for Westminster, they believe. People of Bosnia (and Greece and Ukraine) be damned.

This is why Westminster is now introducing an incredibly vile, historically and factually inaccurate and grotesquely biased resolution at the UNSC condemning the ENTIRE Serbian nation – the whole bit, not just Ratko Mladic – of genocide in Bosnia, despite the fact that ICTY and ICJ TWICE absolved of Serbia of genocide in Bosnia and Croatia. Ethnic tensions in Bosnia MUST be reignited AT ANY COST, until they explode in a new war.

Reader beware: there is a subrosa subtext here. What you think you are reading is only a tip of the submerged and very, very dark iceberg.



Written by Mika

6. jula 2015. u 22:33

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