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Emil Vlajki: Dodik’s testimony „exceptionally courageous“

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10.04.2013. | PIŠE: Oslobođenje PORTAL

Vlajki: Dodik’s testimony "exceptionally courageous"

RS President Milorad Dodik demonstrated "exceptional courage and honesty" as a witness for the defense of Radovan Karadzic, RS Vice President Emil Vlajki says.

In a statement from Vlajki’s office, it is said that Dodik "exposed the militarization and politicization of religion, the demonization of the Serb people, and the politicking of the Hague Tribunal."

"In this way he opposed the new world order, its crimes, servants, and lies. Because of his foreign policy, Milorad Dodik before the international public pushed back to some extent against the lies that damage the dignity of the Serb people and in a real way once again affirmed RS on international terms. So he will certainly go down in the history of the Serb people as a positive personality, and with his exceptional performances before the Hague Tribunal he has won the affection of millions of Serbs and all truth-loving people, both at home and in the diaspora," Vlajki said.



10.04.2013. | PIŠE: Oslobođenje PORTAL

Dodik’s testimony in The Hague the reason why civil coalition "March First" was created

Yesterday’s "performance" of RS President Milorad Dodik, as a defense witness in the trial of the second president of the entity Radovan Karadzic, was not a witness but a threat to all non-Serb returnees who have returned to their pre-war homes.

Now it is clear that institutional discrimination and massive violations of human rights of returnees to the entity are actually the result of the policies implemented by the order of Milorad Dodik himself, and that his regime is just a continuation of what Karadzic started.

His testimony yesterday was the reason why the civil coalition "March First" was created and will continue to exist, and why now, more than ever, the unity of those who don’t deny the crimes and want to preserve the state is needed.

"March First" calls on the leadership of all political parties who know Milorad Dodik lied yesterday to show they wouldn’t allow part of Bosnia and Herzegovina to become one of the "two Serbian states in the Balkans."

"March First" once again calls on the leadership of all political parties considered state-building to enter the joint list and to ensure not only institutional representation, but also a chance for physical survival for returnees in RS.

A joint list does not imply any abandonment of political principles and ideological divisions, but is simply an acknowledgment that the parties gathered have one common item that others do not have: the fight for the preservation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Today, when it is obvious there will be at least three powerful blocs in RS at the next elections, mathematically and logically it is impossible to expect that some of the parties we have invited to a joint list would be elected to a place in the BiH Parliament from constituencies in RS.

Let’s show that our forces have the responsibility for when the time comes, where protection of returnees remains a key commitment, political survival in RS as a condition for canceling the results of genocide, and ultimately the only measurable and unambiguous confirmation that in the entity there is still the state of BiH and those who believe in it. On 13 April we will know who is on our side, the side of survival.



10.04.2013. | PIŠE: Oslobođenje PORTAL

Izetbegovic: I’m not surprised by Dodik’s testimony in The Hague

Member of the BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegovic said that he was not surprised by Milorad Dodik’s testimony yesterday in The Hague, who, as a defense witness of ICTY indictee for war crimes Radovan Karadzic, defended the behavior and activities of RS leadership during the war developments in BiH, and for the war blamed the first President of BiH Presidency Alija Izetbegovic and his Party of Democratic Action.

"Nothing new from Mr. Dodik and those which he inherited. So, in the way of political struggle, it is the reliance on cheap and transparent lies. No Islamic Declaration was mentioned at the time of beginning of the aggression on BiH nor is it the basis for what was happening there," Izetbegovic said.

Testifying before the ICTY, Dodik said that the RS army and police during the war were "legitimate structures which performed their legitimate role during war in BiH." He rated charges against Karadzic as "fictions and manipulations."

Izetbegovic today in Sarajevo reminded that the "work plan was made in Belgrade," and that "on the basis of that plan in BiH they proclaimed Serbian autonomous regions which cover almost 90 percent of the territory of BiH" and that "Mr. Karadzic formed an Assembly of the Serbian People with Momcilo Krajisnik."

"Karadzic got the dock in The Hague, and Milorad Dodik has inherited his presidential seat in RS," the member of the BiH Presidency said.

Asked whether it is possible Dodik does not remember what he was talking about regarding the SDS ten years ago, Izetbegovic said: "How seriously did he respond to accusations in relation to SDS and Karadzic ten years ago. It’s Milorad Dodik, you do not know who you’re dealing with."

Izetbegovic signs book of condolences

Presidency member Bakir Izetbegovic signed today in the book of condolences on the death of Baroness Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

"I do not see that she was controversial, she was a principled, courageous, determined woman which we will remember by just on those lines
. The world will remember her as one of the global leaders who helped to free the world of dictatorial regimes, who helped to stabilize the situation in her country. Just in a time of weakness, cowardice, lack of principles, lack of understanding in relation in BiH she proved to have principles, courage, and friendship, and Bosnians have every reason to remember her as a friend, as a brave and determined woman," Izetbegovic says.


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