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Germany-wor compensation for Serbs, Gypsies and Jewish

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11.080 Zemun, Magistratski trg Str. No.3, Serbia

Теl: 3077-028, vladarsk –

No. 1499/12 – 17. September 2012.

Letter addressed to Serbia’s president, Tomislav Nikolic, chairman of Serbia’s government, Ivica Dacic, and chairman of Serbia’s parliament, Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Subject: War compensation from Germany and its allies from WW2

Respected sirs,

The Government of Republic of Serbian Krajina, which in exile, assumed that after the forming of the contemporary government of Serbia, the reversing of the consequences resulting from Croatia’s crimes of genocide against Krajina Serbs, from 1990 to 1995, will be classified as a matter of high priority on Republic of Serbia’s agenda. With this approach the mistakes made by Serbia’s government between 2000 and 2012 will be restored. However, nobody from the contemporary Serbia’s governmental organs has answered our notes and letters. The fact of the matter is that addressing the issues concerning Croatia’s occupation of the Republic of Serbian Krajina and the expulsion of the Serbian population is to be typified as one of the historic obligations of the Serbian state and its institutions. The last seven years, facts on genocidal crimes against Serbs have been documented and sent to Serbia’s politicians, SC, UN, EU and other international organizations. However, no actions have been taken. With this letter we want to point out the fact that Germany and Austria (successors of Nazi-Germany) along with their allies from WW2 did not pay war compensation to the Serbian nation and Serb states. Given that crimes of genocidal cannot age, to demand war compensation from these former fascist countries is a historic obligation of Serbia. The fulfillment of this task depends to a high degree on you. If this task will not be fulfilled, it will be to the detriment of the Serbian violated moral and material interests. The representatives of the Gypsies and the president of the international Gypsy organization, also member of Serbia’s parliament, sir Jovan Damjanivic have been aware of such obligations. Therefore they decided at the international Gypsy conference (which was hold in Belgrade between the 20th and 22th April 2012) to demand war compensation from Germany because of the Nazi genocide against the Gypsy nation throughout WW2. Such decision is in accordance to the interests of the Gypsy nation. According to the Belgrade newspaper “Politka” (18th May 2012) the resolutions made during this international congress of Gypsies have been supported by diplomats from US, Israel, Norway and the union of Jewish communities Heindrich Böll, etc.

Given the fact that US, Israel and Norway have supported the decisions of the international Gypsy organization concerning the war compensation, Serbia would be supported in an alike manner if it would also demand war compensation from Germany for the Nazi genocidal crimes against the Serbian nation committed in WW2. The Government of the Republic of Serbian Krajina which is in exile could play an important role in collecting data for such lawsuit.

Given that Serbia’s state organs have not been cooperating with the Government and Parliament of the Republic of Serbian Krajina from 2000 until today, this letter has a character of an open discussion.

Government of the Republic of Serbian Krajina

Milorad Buha RSK’s president of the Government and Rajko Lezajic chairman of RSK’s parliament.


Written by Mika

18. septembra 2012. u 08:40

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