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Kovoso Defense Minister: Serbs Need to Be integrated in Kosovo…..aby Bill Dorich

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Kosovo Defense Minister: Serbs Need to Be Integrated in Kosovo

Taking any advice from Agin Ceku, a war criminal who personally murdered dozens of Serbs in Croatia with his own hands in 1991 is so outrageous that I am convinced your News Agency is a pack of morons. This is the same war criminal who led Operation Storm in Croatia in 1995 when 240,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed and over 7,000 were dragged off of their tractors and trucks and murdered in plain sight.

I lost 17 of my relatives burned to death in the Serbian church in Vojnic in 1941. During Operation Storm led by Ceku, I lost the last 5 relatives of my namer who were too old and too sick to flee. I was notified by the Red Cross a month later they were found with their throats slit. I am amazed at Sofi News Agency’s lack of conscience to give this criminal media space. You pretend that a "Greater Albania" is merely a figment of Serbia’s imagination.

Ceku returned to Kosovo in 1997 to lead more violence in cleansing over 250,000 Serbs and non Albanians from Kosovo. Treating this monster who has escaped justice as some kind of honorable authority is so corrupt that I am amazed that you do it with a straight face.

Ceku and his band of thugs are responsible for the destruction of 513 ancient Serbian Christian churches in Kosovo just since the end of the war and right under the noses of 17,000 NATO troops, also leading me to believe that all of these criminals are in bed together with the US State Department who not only managed to amputate sovereign Serbian territory in violation of UN Res. #1244 but to build Camp Bondsteel, the single largest American military base in the world built since Vietnam. That base was built on land belonging to Serb farmers, none of whom were ever compensated for their property. So it is more than obvious that stealing the property of others is a skill Ceku and his thugs have perfected thanks to the US and our corrupt politicians.

All of this has been accomplished by violating the UN Charter, the Helsinki Final Act, the Geneva Conventions and in Violation of the NATO Treaty and yet you all pretend that the Serbs are at fault? Watching the last remaining 75,000 Serbs fight back with stick and stones while you blast them with more collective guilt is appalling and shows the contempt Sofi News Agency has for equal human rights and the freedom of speech that you deny to those Serbs in Kosovo.

Ceku deserves to be behind bars along with Hashim Tachi nicknamed "the snake" who as their KLA terrorists leader murdered his own officers because they were not as anti-Serb as he was. Propping up these war criminals and giving them front page news coverage while you continue to muzzle any Serbian views only revels the depth of the media cesspool at Sofia News Agency.

Wm. Dorich is the author of 6 books on Balkan history including his 1992 book, Kosovo.


Written by Mika

4. decembra 2011. u 09:42

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