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Art and Science at LSE – „Different Face of Serbia“

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For many years the general public in Britain and the rest of Western world associated Serbia mainly with the 1990’s tragic and violent disintegration of former Yugoslavia. Embarking on the path of post-communist transition starting on 5th October 2000, eleven years after the fall of Berlin wall, the first decade of the 21st century Serbia spent in adapting itself to the new outlook of the world, from which it was excluded during most of the 1990’s. During this decade the prevailing gloomy image of Serbia was somewhat improved by successes of its talented and glamorous tennis stars. But the new, democratic and modern Serbia was never adequately promoted by its official institutions, always too busy tackling difficult legacy of the recent past.

"Different Face of Serbia" – a series of academic, artistic and cultural events which we are presenting at the London School of Economics and Political Science during October 2011 – brings to the attention of academic audience and general public an independent, non-governmental view on contemporary Serbia. It is done through presenting work of several outstanding LSE alumni students and world-class authors of the 21st century Serbia. Our idea is to introduce to the world sophisticated, educated and cosmopolitan Serbia, whose image and reputation over the previous two decades were blemished mainly due to inability of its politicians to present it in a dignified way.

We chose to stage our programme at the LSE, an academic institution renowned for educating intellectual and political elites of contemporary world, for two reasons: LSE and its remarkable open-minded academic community can see and appreciate the new face of Serbia; at the same time the British public and world media closely follow vibrant intellectual life and events at the LSE.

Through this programme we hope to accomplish some longer-term effects too – to connect Serbian intellectuals, researchers, artists and our non-governmental sector colleagues with their counterparts in Britain and around the world. We would also like to set up and initiate new channels of communication and cooperation between the like-minded citizens of our globalized world. It is our belief that we are privileged to be members of the LSE’s alumni global network. By focusing on individual intellectual and artistic excellence and achievements in service of the whole humanity we are eliminating the existing nation-related prejudices and stereotypes. Culture and science do not belong to any nation in particular, but represent the world’s shared heritage, although national origin of its authors must be recognized and remembered.

In order to reinforce such a courageous statement, we would like to point out at intellectual understanding and generous grant from the Austrian bank ERSTE, which enabled us to present “Different Face of Serbia” in London.

For more specific information about program and activities please visit: http://www.mediafire.com/?c8xj907a1wdhb

Srdjan D. Stojanovic Jelena Stojanovic


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4. oktobra 2011. u 18:26

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